Hydrogen has a core mantra that professionalism is paramount
& the pursuit of excellence is relentless.

All Hydrogen personnel are consummate professionals and you won't be  stuck with that sinking feeling of consulting budget going out the door for questionable return.

By leveraging over a decade of experience successfully delivering large scale platforms across the globe, Hydrogen brings its deep experience of outstanding software delivery to the new age of apps, mobility and game development.

Have a talk to the team and experience first hand that Hydrogen are dedicated practitioners who are experts in their field and just all round nice people to chat through ideas with.  

Meet the Team

ISAAC McNAUGHTON - Principle Architect
Isaac is a vastly experienced Architect with outstanding large scale systems development credentials. An inspiring leader, a tireless passion for excellence and general nice guy. Call Isaac to discuss your technical challenges.   

ASH HELM - Managing Director
Ash is a veteran director of consulting services and has a singular objective to raise the level of industry consulting to deliver a truly premium client experience always. Easy to talk to and never short of ideas call Ash for a chat.


Hydrogen is backed by a dedicated team of expert Designers, Developers, Testers and a Corporate Services engine-room second to none. Hydrogen is passionate about outstanding delivery, to your budget and timetable. Hydrogen are on a mission to improve the consulting delivery in the industry and therefore are not on the hard sell - Hydrogen would far prefer that a client gets the right solution with or without Hydrogen. So please  call the team for a chat, we are more than happy to simply talk over your ideas.

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